Colourful sports gala concludes

HARIPUR: Federal Minister for Culture Eng Shaukatullah has said that the government is committed to provide healthy entertainment to its people and the Khanpur water sports extravaganza was proof of its efforts in this regard.He was addressing the concluding ceremony of three-day colourful water sports gala at Khanpur Lake on Sunday evening. Provincial Minister for Sports and Culture Syed Aqil Shah was also present on the occasion. The federal minister said that the Khanpur sports festival, which was organised on experimental grounds in 2009, had proved to be a great success for the provincial government and the federal government would continue to support and promote such events.

Speaking on the occasion, provincial minister Syed Aqil Shah said that the ANP government, which was at war with the terrorists in the province, had made every effort to provide the people some entertainment.He said that Shandur and Kagh Lusht festivals and now Khanpur water sports extravaganza were part of the provincial government programme. He added that the event had attracted and entertained thousands of families from across the province and other parts of the country and it had encouraged the organisers to the extent that we were planning another water sports festival on Khanpur Lake in the near future.He said that the provincial government would invite the president, prime minister and KP chief minister on the next event. He lauded the efforts of organisers and the fool-proof security arrangements made by the local police and also distributed prizes among the police officials and organisers.He also announced a prize of Rs100,000 for the organisers. – Dawn