1000MW coal-power generation plant being installed: NA informed

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Water and Power Syed Naveed Qamar on Thursday informed Lower House of the Parliament that a power plant having capacity of generating 1000 megawatt electricity through coal was being installed in Thar area of Sindh province. During question-hour session of the National Assembly, he said a contract had been awarded to a private sector company for installation of the power plant. “The Thar Coal Authority has so far awarded a contract to a private sector party for installation of 1000 MW power plant with Thar coal,” he said.Responding to a question, the minister said an effective strategy had been devised to control loadshedding during the months of April, May, June, July, August and September.He said five new power plants, namely Foundation Power Project Dherki, Hub Power Narowal, Halmore Power Project Bhikki, Karkay Project Karachi and Chashma Nuclear Power Unit-2 (C-2) having capacity of generating 1184 MW power, would shortly be added in the system.

Presently, he said average hydel power generation was about 3500 MW, adding “In succeeding months, the release of water from dams will increase and hydel generation will reach its peak and help reduce quantum and duration of loadshedding.”Naveed Qamar said a number of measures were being taken for conservation of electricity, which would help save 1000 MW to 1100 MW electricity.Under the plan, lights up to 50 percent will be reduced in the President House, the PM Secretariat, Federal and Provincial Ministries, Governor and Chief Minister Houses besides official residences and government offices.He said the measures included “replacement of bulbs and tube-lights with energy savers, use of air conditioners by authorized officers after 11 a.m., illumination of alternate street lights and non-supply of power to billboards and neon signs, ban on commercial decorative lights, staggering of weekly holiday for industry, closure of markets and shops at 2000 hours.”The minister said industries were being motivated for manufacturing and import of energy efficient appliances. – APP