PM urges civil servants to prioritize elected representatives public policies

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Tuesday pointing the civil servants to distinguish their work from politics, urged them to follow the priorities as set by the elected representatives of the people. Addressing at the 94th national management course during inland study tour, the Prime Minister said as implementers of government policies, and as contributors to policy making, the role as senior civil servants was pivotal to the success of transitional phase of polity and administration.Gilani said the challenge of public policy and public management required capable diligent, and motivated, persons at every level of public service. He said as the country faced economic and administrative challenges, there was a need for committed public servants and efficient public sector managers.

The unanimous passage of 18th and 19th amendments to the Constitution has provided the basis of re-definition in the role of government at all levels. He said the 7th NFC Award had also made available more resources to the provinces to enable them to provide essential services to the people, efficiently and promptly.Gilani stressed upon the civil servants to achieve, and deliver, high quality services to the people and also ensure efficient use of resources available to administer the departments. He said as a resource-constrained country, it was more imperative to obtain maximum value from it. “We want to achieve a better future for our people, and focus on what is required, and deliver better services within our constrained resources. APP