New HEC commission being evolved at federal level: Mian Raza Rabbani

ISLAMABAD: As a result of devolution, a new commission is being evolved at the federal level to upkeep higher education standards.“Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC) and 12 vice chancellors of different universities were invited to the Implementation Commission, informing them the role of the HEC would be different after the 18th Amendment and a sort of new commission was to implement the salient feature of the present one”, the chairman Implementation Commission on 18th Amendment informed the Upper House of the Parliament on Friday.

He added the delegation, headed by HEC chairman was told that their input would be incorporated while framing rules and regulations of the commission.However, the minister said some people having vested interest gave wrong impression that the ongoing scholarships programmes of HEC would affect after devolution, thus creating a fear among the students who are availing HEC scholarships.He said, “let me clear it yet again that those students who have been studying under the current HEC’s scholarships would continue their studies.”He said that HEC does not generate funds itself and the federal government provided funds for scholarships.He also dispelled the impression that HEC devolution plan would also affect foreign funding for the commission.He added the foreign loans were always released to a government that is to decide its executing agency or organization.The minister said that the devolution plan would not affect the standardization of education and accreditation of degree. – APP