Petrol bomb falls again, prices increase by 10 to 13 pc

Petrol bomb falls again, prices increase by 10 to 13 pc

Once again, a petrol bomb falls on the nation by government. OGRA announces to increase petrol prices by 10 to 13%.  This increase in prices of petroleum products was announced by OGRA during a press conference during the late hours of Thursday, Dunya News reported. According to Executive Director OGRA Syed Jawad Naseem, the new petroleum prices are as follows:

Petroleum Product                   Old Price                  New Price                  Increase in (Rs)

1.Super Unleaded (Petrol)     Rs.76.58/l                 Rs 83.56/l                  Rs 6.98/l

2.HOBC                                        Rs 90.22/l                 Rs 98.12/l                  Rs 7.90/l

3.Hi-Speed Diesel                     Rs 82.22/l                 Rs 92.89/l                  Rs 10.67/l

4.Light-Speed Diesel                Rs 69.91/l                 Rs 78.98/l                  Rs 9.07/l

5.Kerosene Oil                            Rs 74.45/l                 Rs 84.10/l                   Rs 9.65/l

The Executive Director OGRA said in the press conference that petroleum prices have been increased up to 40% in the global market. But Pakistan has increased the prices of petroleum products by only 18%. He also said that during last five months, government has given a subsidy of 35 billion rupees on petroleum products and in April, an additional subsidy of 10 billion rupees will be given. – Dunyanews