Teachers more important than Army, Judiciary, says Bukhari

Teachers more important than Army, Judiciary, says Bukhari

Leader of the House in Senate Nayar Husain Bukhari on Saturday again made it clear that we must get rid of old customs and traditions urging teachers should be given more preference over Army and Judiciary.

Leader of House Nayyar Hussain Bukhari expressed these views while addressing in a simple but dignified ceremony in Senate on Saturday in Islamabad.

He said that our country is standing on dangerous edge. Our nation must have to be mentally vigilant to succeed in this war against terrorism.

Educational institutes of Islamabad would be affiliated to Quaid e Azam University after shifting of Ministry of Education to the provinces, he added.

He urged that future of coming generations could be saved through imparting modern scientific knowledge and making utmost progress in field of education.

Young generation of Pakistan can make it strong and healthy in future through acquiring modern education and through research, he said.

He said that hard work and dedication on part of teachers is of absolute importance in progress of nation because Doctors, Engineers, scientists and research organizations are dependent upon teachers.

Nayyar Hussain Bukhari said that Government is trying hard for enhancing modern facilities of education in the country whereas education institutes are the hubs of knowledge, which plays great role in quenching the thrust for knowledge of the students. – Online news