National Judicial Policy has started delivering: CJP

National Judicial Policy has started delivering: CJP

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said that they have embarked on the path of reforming the administration of justice in the country in a manner to realize the goal of ensuring access to justice for all people.
According to a press release issued here on Saturday, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry while addressing the meeting of National Judicial Committee said that the targets set under the policy have largely been realized and as well achieved in some regions.

He stated that the judicial policy in some regions successfully attained the fixed targets and eliminated backlog altogether, adding that the District Judiciary of Balochistan in particular did very well. It is currently poised to decide any civil or criminal case within a period of 6 to 9 months from the date of filing of a suit or complaint, he added.

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was of the view that the success of the policy has led to enhanced confidence of the general public in the capacity and ability of the courts to decide disputes. He further this development not only increased public confidence in the judicial system but also public adherence to following the rule of law. It also shows greater public awareness about their rights and obligations.

He clarified that there were some shortcomings and lapses though, which they were being discussed from time to time and will be examined in our meetings. The establishment of Islamabad was need of the time and the demand of the residents and lawyers of capital

It is vital to mention here that Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court participated first time in the National Judicial Committee meeting. Chief Justices of all the provincial high courts, Shariat High Court, Secretary Law and Registrar Supreme Court were among the other participants. – Online news