City lights up with jubilance over quarterfinal win

LAHORE: Pakistani cricket team’s victory in the quarterfinal was celebrated enthusiastically by citizens all across the city, further strengthening their hopes of winning the world cup.The fervor of people was at their peak since they were happy to find a reason for celebration in the country’s current stressful times. Citizens that were out with their families celebrating the Pakistan Resolution Day got another reason to celebrate, adding to their jubilance.Although, West Indies cricket team did not have an impressive score and Pakistan’s win was expected, the citizens still remained glued to their TVsuntil the victory was ensured and the team won the match.Smiling cricket fans all over the city celebrated by dancing and chanting slogans in favour of the country.

Special screening of the match was held at the Green Hall MM Alam Road, sponsored by Tariq and Sons, where the audience were entertained with food and beverages. The city went on a dance mode at the Fortress Stadium, Jail Road, Main Boulevard Gulberg and several other places after the victory. Even the people watching the match at their homes were beaming with excitement and congratulating each other. Millions of text messages were circulated, marking the team’s win in the quarterfinal.A student, Khurram, said, “Pakistan’s win against WI was significant because Pakistan would now be playing in the semi finals after many years.” The citizens now wait eagerly for the team’s semi final match, which would be played either against India or Australia.A law teacher, Asma Ahmed, told Daily Times that she and her family celebrated the win by dining out. “We don’t have many occasions to cheer and the Pakistani cricket team has made us proud. Our team has shown that it still has the ability to win the world cup,” she said. – Dailytimes