President to address Parliament today: Islamabad turned into fortress

ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari will address the joint sitting of the parliament today (Tuesday) at 4 pm in the Parliament House amidst the protest of opposition parties against government’s policies and its failure to maintain good governance.While the Federal capital has virtually turned into a fortress and a special security plan is in place to avoid any untoward incident.President would address the Joint sitting of the Parliament for the 4th time and would focus on PPP government achievements for the past four years.He would also announce a two year road map for development of down trodden areas to bring them in par with other areas of the country.It merits mentioning that the past three addresses of the President had been peaceful and no rumpus was created by the opposition but this year the situation seems to be different and a stormy session is on the cards.

PML-Q has already announced to boycott the joint sitting in protest against the release of Raymond Davis while PML-N is mulling to register its strong protest against govt policies as well during the joint sititing.After the address of the President the fourth parliamentary year would commence.On the day of President address no other house business would be conducted.The joint sitting would be chaired by Speaker National Assembly Fehmida Mirza. While Chairman Senate Farooq Naek would co-Chair.Invitations have been sent to all services chiefs, governors, Chief Ministers, ambassadors, bureaucrats and heads of political parties.Meanwhile stringent security measures would be employed for President Zardari’s address to the joint session of the parliament on March 22.

According to sources more than 3,000 employees of the National Assembly and Senate have been barred to freely roam in the respected galleries of the Parliament House while in view of looming security threats, help from Army has been sought to avoid any untoward incident. Only the staff of relevant depts have been directed to come while the rest have been sent on holiday for a day.The employees have been issued special directives to abide by the instructions adding any violation will not be tolerated in any cost.The entire Parliament House will be enveloped in security blanket, as additional police contingent will supervise the proceedings inside and outside the Parliament House.Trained and well-equipped Commanders installed with sophisticated machine guns will be patrolling the roof of the parliament, sources added.It has been further told that a special shuttle service will be started during the day of the session from the Parliament lodges to the Parliament in view to avoid any untoward incident on the historic day.The members of the Parliament will not be allowed to park their vehicles inside while guests of parliamentarians will not be issued special passes – Onlinenews