PML-N, PPP ways separate: Nawaz

KARACHI: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has said that the path of his party and the PPP are separate with media Friday.Talking to the media, the PML-N chief said that his party wants to rid the country of corruption, unemployment and inflation.Nawaz Shairf said the Murree declaration between the PPP and the PML-N was never followed up on.”When we signed the agreement in Bhurban in 2009, there were only two conditions from our side. Only a month had passed when they backed off from that agreement saying that this is not gospel. We worked for the restoration of the judges before that,” he said.Nawaz said the PPP helped Musharraf get away by putting the judicial issue in the way adding that they wanted Musharraf to leave before the deposed judges were appointed.”President Zardari told me that Musharraf’s November 3rd step should be indemnified,” said the PML-N chief.”I thought at the time that I should leave politics, bu we still walked along with them. After that, Shahbaz Sharif and I were disqualified through the Dogar court.””Whether it was the judges issue, the issue of the 18th and 19th ammendments, we went along with them. Many of their coalition members had left them later but we still did not let go of the PPP alliance. The entire nation knows what we got in return. During the governor’s rule in Punjab, I and Shahbaz Sharif were disqualified,” said Nawaz Sharif.

“We were told about the announcement to restore the judges,” he added.If we would have gone to Islamabad, the rest of our problems should have been resolved but we did not focus on our personal interests, he said.On the judges’ issue Nawaz said “Our party had taken oath to restore the judges and we went along with it, but we kept persevering and did not create trouble. The judiciary is now doing a great job. If we commit a wrongdoing even if we are in power, the judiciary should check us. But even now, the decisions of the courts are being rejected. The Supreme Court has to take notice of trivial things. Take the example of IG Sindh. His post has been occupied by retired men. It is a contractual post.”About the issue of the economic situation in the country Nawaz Shairf said that the last three years have set a record of most loans taken in the history of the economy and that there is a wide spread power outages of gas and electricity.Talking further to the media, the PML-N chief said that loans are the primary reason for rampant inflation in the country and the economy is being run on a lifeline of loans, adding that austerity should be practised to cut expenses, which are a big burden on the national exchequer.

“If we save this money, it can amount to more than twice the payment in the Kerry Lugar Bill,” he pointed out.Talking about former president pervez Musharraf, the PML-N chief said “It is in our party’s agenda to bring him to justice so he can answer to the people.”Musharraf should have done something to build damns, Nawaz insisted.”Letting him go makes the present the government responsible for the situation at hand. Our patience was only exploited by the ruling party to achieve its own goals.”There has never been an example of such an opposition anywhere in the world, the PML-N chief said.”We are the only opposition which has invited the ruling party to the table for talks. When the floods struck the country, I went to the government to invite them to come and sit and talk on how to fight this disaster.”Speaking further the PML-N chief said “We could have raised a massive amount of resources to help the flood victims, but we kept on hearing taunts that PML-N is trying to play the role of a friendly opposition. The situation today is in front of everyone.”On the 10-point agenda Nawaz Sharif said “It was possible to gain tangible ground on many points in the 10 point agenda.””We have been with the ruling party for three years and today we have decided that our paths are not the same anymore,” said the PML-N chief – Brecorder