LADIESFUND Women’s Awards for top role models’

KARACHI: Chief Executive Officer of Dawood Capital Management Tara Uzra Dawood announced on Wednesday that the 3rd LADIESFUND Women’s Awards would be held at Mohatta Palace Museum on March 5.Addressing a press conference at her office, she said that 150 of the most dynamic and inspiring women in Pakistan would attend the ceremony in which awards would be granted in five categories – Lifetime Achievement (with consultation of judges), Woman of the Year (people’s choice award), Momentum (judged), Trailblazer (judged) and Idol (judged).Talking about the criteria of awards, she said that every person could nominate and vote any women if inspired by her struggle. Tara said that five judges’ panel comprised Amina Saeed, Shahida Jameel, Nelofer Saeed, Sumaira Raja and Shamine Farooqui. “Judges represent five walks of life, including education, law, entrepreneurship, art and culture, and hair & beauty,” she said.“It is a people’s choice award that would be chosen by a nation-wide vote. The LADIESFUND Judges have shortlisted nominations to the following top five finalists: Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team (for winning World Cup), Sherry Rehman (for her contributions to media), Asma Jehangir (for becoming President of the Supreme Court Bar Association), Kamila Shamsie (for bringing international acclaim to Pakistan for “Burnt Shadows”) and Bilquis Edhi (for her protection to children),” she said. Tara said, “The winner will be chosen by you, the people of Pakistan, based on on-air and online campaigns by CityFM89 and CIO Pakistan ( one can vote through telephone, email or visiting our website. The role in the media for the people’s choice of woman of the year is very important, as each vote is a support of woman leaders and women development.”“The award is first of its kind in Pakistani history for women, and is designed to acknowledge and celebrate the top female role models, particularly entrepreneurs in Pakistan,” she said.

It was revealed in the conference that all winners would receive a plaque, a top of the line high end Smartphone C7 Nokia cell phone, a spa gift basket from Blurain (LADIESFUND Entrepreneur in the Spotlight), a Karachi membership card, as well as a LADIESFUND Investment Certificate, while the Idol Winner would also receive a Rs50,000 anonymous donation and a formal pair of Azmay Shahzada shoes and a formal Sania Maskatiya outfit.This year, LADIESFUND, is also introducing a fellowship and scholarship through Dawood Global Foundation’s initiatives for women upliftment in Pakistan. Applications closed on February 20th and the winners will be announced at the ceremony.Tara said that LADIESFUND is commission-free investment advisory services and fund management for women, managed by Dawood Capital Management Ltd. Guidance is offered on mutual funds, bank accounts, mixed baskets and other options to suits individual needs.LADIESFUND’s objectives are to celebrate phenomenal women, support women with high potential, highlight positively and promote advancement of women in Pakistan, she added.Sameera Raja, LADIESFUND Brand Ambassador, and awards Judge, Rabia Garib, Founder, CIO Pakistan, Technology Partner of LADIESFUND, Nadira Hyder Zaidi, Donor, LADIESFUND Nadira Hyder Zaidi, Shehla Kerai, Young Entrepreneur, and Maha Sarwar also spoke and shared their experience, besides expressing their views about ladies fund – Dailytimes