Motorcyclists most careless drivers: NHMP

LAHORE: The motorcyclists in Pakistan are amongst the most careless drivers in the world, as they pay minimal or no attention to their own safety.Motorcyclists are most at risk of fatal head injuries and wearing protective helmets is a must for them, said National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) Inspector General Dr Wasim Kauser while presiding over a high-level meeting on Tuesday progress of the crash helmet campaign started by N-5 (central) zone on national highways.According to details, Dr Kauser said that there was a dire need of raising awareness about benefits of wearing protective helmets. Major motorcycle crashes could happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and at any speed.He said that even simple falls can lead to life-threatening injuries. Crash helmets are highly effective in preventing head injuries and are particularly important to pillion riders since they suffer serious head injuries in motorcycle related accidents.He further said that motorway police would make every effort to create awareness among the masses about adopting safety measures. The department has made arrangements on the national highways to distribute printed material on road safety measures among commuters.

Audio-visual aids and other communication methods will be used by the guidance centre and mobile education units to educate people about road safety measures. Flowers, sweets candies, chocolates, and briefing pamphlets will be distributed among road users on national highways in order to present the soft image of NHMP as well as to create maximum awareness about dangerous consequences of not wearing a safety helmet.The IG directed all the officials of the motorway police to ensure effective execution of the campaign and gear up their efforts to minimise the motorcycle related accidents – Dailytimes