‘Gardens of Babel’ revealed at Rohtas Gallery

LAHORE: David Alesworth’s unique artwork, titled “Gardens of Babel”, in the form of two ancient carpets and 12 microscopic images was displayed at the Rohtas Art Gallery on Thursday.The show attracted art teachers, students and people from all walks of life. Beaconhouse National University Dean, Saleema Hashmi, National College of Arts faculty members Quddus Mirza, Nazish Ataullah, and Jamil Baloch were present on the inauguration of the exhibition.Prominent among those present were Saadan Peerzada, Reesham Saeed, Zara David and Huma Malji.

The artist did embroidery work on a 100-year-old Persian carpet while creating a British map of the 18th century on it giving it a complete ancient look. With his basic inspiration from the miniature work, he made a border on the ancient carpet while applying the technique of ancient border making.The second item was displayed in the form of 12 digital microscopic photo prints focusing various images of Victorian period honeybees. Speaking on the occasion, Saleema Hashmi said that the artist’s work was “interesting and powerful”.She said that such types of experimental art should be encouraged and promoted as it reflects a person’s creative sense. Nazish Ataullah said that such an experimental work has, in a way, completed a journey of art for tradition and technique – Dailytimes