India creating espionage cells in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Following leads provided by an earlier arrest of a local resident recruited by the Indian agencies, a well organized spy network operating from the border areas of Sialkot has been unearthed.According to intelligence sources, the follow-up investigations have led to the arrest of another local working for the Indian intelligence, who was facilitating recruitment of agents from the border areas to cross over to India in return for cash, liquor and contraband materials.The development has confirmed earlier findings that RAW, the Indian agency responsible for espionage operations in Pakistan, was trying to lure locals to cross over to India through the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir or the Working Boundary along with weapons.The objective of such an exercise was obviously to malign Pakistan over charges of cross-border terrorism in Kashmir or even the Indian hinterland by conducting fake encounters.The names of the apprehended individuals working for the Indian intelligence cannot be disclosed for security reasons since the investigations have yet to reach conclusion and more arrests are expected, said the intelligence sources.The investigations have also pointed to the channels of support that were being provided to such espionage cells, working within Pakistani  territory by RAW under cover offices operating out of the Indian High  Commission in Islamabad.According to sources, the persistent Indian focus on luring armed  Pakistani nationals across the working boundary in Sialkot area as well as various sectors of the LoC in Kashmir  indicates to the Indian fixation for implicating Pakistan in manipulated acts of terrorism.Such operations obviously aimed at raising an alarm that infiltration of armed ‘terrorists’ from Pakistan were fanning the widespread popular unrest in the Indian held Kashmir as well as precipitating acts of terrorism within India.
Scores of fake encounters by the Indian security forces using Kashmiri youth are routine but capture of armed Pakistanis who are killed in fake encounters or presented alive before media can prove useful for exploitation propaganda – APP