The plot thickens

In an affidavit submitted to the Anti-Terrorism Court, the FIA has declared General Musharraf as absconder in Benazir’s murder mystery. The FIA came up with the evidence that on the day of assassination, General Musharraf was frequently calling CPO Rawalpindi Saud Aziz and SP Khurram Shahzad and had personally given them orders to hose down the crime scene. The FIA based its statement on the confession of Saud Aziz. Also a copy of the e-mail sent by Musharraf to Benazir Bhutto warning that her security would be subject to the condition of her relationship with him was presented before the court.

This is a big step forward because not only it shows that the investigators are picking up the clues but that they are serious to take the case to its logical conclusion. Now the former President, the proud commando, who brazenly refused to answer a questionnaire from the FIA, should voluntarily offer himself for questioning. Otherwise, he would only make himself more suspicious and his continuous absence from the courts, and investigators would lend credibility to the perception that he is indeed the mastermind. The FIA has already stated that in case he refuses to appear in the court, he would be declared as a proclaimed offender. There are of course a number of points that no other person but Gen Musharraf can explain. Under the circumstances, his self imposed exile in Britian has no justification. Probably he is happy knowing that the absence of extradition treaty between Pakistan and UK will keep him away from the long arm of the law. However, there could be a lot of options including the Interpol which could also be contacted to arrest him. So the best way for him would be to cooperate with the authorities and come back and attend the court proceedings as quickly as possible. The judiciary in Pakistan is now independent and can be trusted to make impartial decisions. – Nation