Haripur without power for 22 hours

HARIPUR: Electricity supply to a large area of Haripur district remained cut off for over 22 hours from Sunday till Monday noon following a technical fault in the power transformer at 132 KV Kangra grid station.The transformer with 15-30 megawatts capacity was installed in September last year in place of the one that had developed a serious fault causing electricity suspension for almost two weeks then.Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco) sources told this correspondent that a short span cable connecting power transformer to the feeders was burnt at around 2pm on Sunday, suspending power supply to thousands of consumers connected with 10 feeders, including the city feeder Town 1, T&T, New Khanpur, Kotnajibullah, Sera-i-Nehmat Khan and some other areas.On Sunday when the people contacted the staff of Kangra grid station they said that there was a minor fault which would be rectified shortly.However, the consumers of these 10 feeders had to pass the rainy night without electricity, as the grid staff had no alternative arrangement to restore power supply to these areas.Informed sources said that the staff that usually repaired such faults had left for Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. They said that the staff arrived on Monday and replaced the burnt cable, restoring the power supply to affected feeders.RAIN, SNOWFALL: Intermittent rain accompanied with occasional hailstorm continued to lash the district for the third consecutive day on Monday while the nearby hills received light snowfall, making the outgoing winter season a bit colder.People from different areas said that the rain that started on Friday evening continued in all parts of the district with small intervals on Monday. They said that hills of Sirikot, Ghazi, Jab, Tarar, Noordi, Changi Bandi and some bordering areas of Islamabad received light snowfall.The rain damaged kucha roads in some hilly areas while the condition of intercity roads of the district deteriorated further and overflowing sewage on the main GT road exposed the tehsil municipal administration.The farmers said that the rain would greatly benefit wheat crop in the district – BBC