Police collect more evidence against Davis

LAHORE: Officials of the CIA and other law enforcement agencies on Tuesday visited the spot where Ebadur Rehman was crushed to death by a car, which apparently belonged to the US consulate, to collect more evidences and clues. CIA SP Omer Virk was also present during the inspection. According to investigation officials, more than 100 special hollow cut bullets, a binocular, injections and needles were found in the car of Raymond Davis, who had killed two citizens. “In case he was attacked with bullets, he had necessary arrangement and tools to save his life,” an official said on the condition of anonymity. “Davis claimed that he was coming after withdrawing money form a bank and deceased Faizan and Faheem were chasing him with the intention to rob him. However, police recovered only Rs 5,000 and $150 from him following his arrest. Hence, he has failed to prove that he was coming after withdrawing money form a bank,” a police security officer said. According to sources, the police has no eyewitness who could support another claim of the accused that the deceased boys had pulled a pistol at him, he said. “When Davis fired at Faizan and Faheem, they were sitting on their bike in front of his car with their backs towards Davis, which meant that they were not in an attacking position and the claim of self-defence is false – Dailytimes