Meeting reviews performance of police checkposts

A special meeting of senior police officers was held under the chairmanship of the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Muhammad Aslam Tareen on Sunday to review the performance of various police checkposts in the city. The meeting was told that the Mujahid Squad had registered 144 cases of illegal arms, 226 of drugs, one of stolen vehicle, six of fireworks, as many as four of kite flying, three of dacoity, two of one-wheeling, one of fake number plate, another of a fake police official and six miscellaneous cases, and recovered 97 pistols, 917 bullets, one revolver, a kalashnikov, 18 pump actions, eight guns, 14 rifles, 308 cartridges, 17 kilogramme of hashish, 178 bottles of liquor, two kilogramme of heroine, 360 gramme opium and a car during the last six month.

The Old Ravi police checkpost had registered 11 cases of illegal arms, 37 of drugs and one miscellaneous case, and recovered eight pistols, 48 bullets, a rifle, 13 cartridges and eight bottles of liquor. – Dailytimes