Jirga wants people behind terrorism exposed

MINGORA: The Swat Qaumi Jirga demanded of the government here on Sunday to expose the people spreading terrorism in the district.The jirga members also urged the government to place a ban on the religious groups found spreading terror.Addressing a meeting of the jirga, held at the residence of Fazal Ahad Khan, the elders demanded that “the absconding leader of Swat Taliban, Maulvi Fazlullah, and all his companions should be punished according to law. “These terrorists should be hanged to death,” they said.They also wanted “the training centres of terrorist groups” to be eliminated.They said that terrorists were still present in the tribal areas. “The government should take action against terrorists as they are posing a threat to peace,” they said.

They also urged the government to arrest and punish those terrorist leaders, who slit throats of people in the name of jihad.The elders of Parbartkhel, Abakhel, Musakhel and Shamozai areas attended the meeting of the jirga. “The government should expose the people who propagate terrorism in Swat valley. We are not against jihad but against those who slit the throats of innocent people for their vested interests,” they said.They stressed the need for maintaining peace in Swat valley. Pakistan Army should play its role to keep the valley peaceful, they said.They added that there was no need for raising armed lashkars of volunteers. The jirga members expressed their satisfaction over the military operation conducted to eliminate militants but demanded of army to play its role in maintaining everlasting peace in the valley.They demanded that aid received by the country in the name of war against terror should be utilised for reconstruction and rehabilitation in Swat as the valley was devastated by militancy – Dawn