MQM rejoins government

The Rabita Committee of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Friday announced to rejoin the government and said it will sit on treasury benches. Announcing the decision of MQM Rabita Committee in the presence of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani at Nine Zero, Sindh IT Minister and member Rabita Committee Raza Haroon said that the decision has been taken in the larger interest of the country.He said that the  goodwill gesture shown by the Prime Minister and for the cause of democracy, MQM will fully support the every good decision of the Government in the national interest. However, he said that the Rabita Committee has expressed its inability to join the ministries.
He said that MQM will also openly oppose any anti-people decision of the government.
Haroon said that the Rabita Committee  held marathon sessions till late night and decided that in the prevailing circumstances of unemployment, economic crisis, deteriorating law and order, MQM should extend helping hand to the government in the larger interest and for democracy.
MQM believes that it is  time that all moderate forces should be united, he added.
He said that MQM had identified issues and the Prime Minister patiently listened to our point of view and gave full assurance for the solution of problems.
He said that MQM also lauded Prime Minister’s decision to withdraw the decision of increase in petrol prices and defer RGST on their demand.
Haroon said that MQM hopes that the government will curb corruption, reduce non-development expenditures and adopt simplicity. – App