Punjab to play leading role in MQM struggle for poor

KARACHI: Muttahida Quami Movement chief, Altaf Hussain said 98 percent of the speople belonging to poor and middle clas were the bulwark against threats to national security and integrity of the county. He said only the poor and middle class people who struggle and could save the country. Altaf made these remarks while talking to office-bearers of various wings of the party who had gathered in the Multan Zonal Office of the party to listen to him. He declared that if the country was not freed from the dynastic politics of a few families, then God forbid, the remaining Pakistan may also be wiped out from the face of the world. While talking he appealed to the people of Southern Punjab to join MQM for a better future of the coming generations. He said that Southern Punjab was the most neglected part of the Punjab and its people were grossly discriminated against in every walk of life. Altaf greeted a “Happy New Year” to the workers and office-bearers and prayed that the New Year brought peace and prosperity for the country and it became auspicious for the righteous struggle of MQM. Pakistan came into being as a result of unimaginable sacrifices and still some of the people lived who was direct eyewitness of the sacrificed that were rendered by the Muslims for Pakistan, he added. He regretted that a country that was obtained through so many sacrifices was forced to carry a begging bowl throughout the world by both the civil and military rulers of the country. He said that new taxes were being imposed upon poor people in order to pay debts and its interest that had resulted in sharp increase in prices of commodities – Dailytimes