English-Urdu medical dictionary

KARACHI: Second issue of English-Urdu medical dictionary was released the other day at PMA House.Compiled by Dr Shershah Syed this issue is published by Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health (PNFWH). The 350-page book has 160 sketches, photographs, tables, charts and explanatory notes.Simple and common medical terms and words of English that are practiced in medical colleges, nursing and midwifery schools, paramedics training centres and hospitals have been used in this dictionary with a guide to pronunciation and meaning.Important charts and life saving procedures are explained clearly for consultation in 12 indexes while medical tests are mentioned with normal values.The dictionary also has 30 pages of coloured photographs covering anatomy of human body and proper names of body parts and organs. It is an easy guide for medical students, doctors and health workers.The dictionary also contains addresses of important medical bodies, associations, professional institutes and UN agencies.National Health Forum, USA has helped in the production of this dictionary and it will be available at discounted price to nursing, midwifery and paramedics students all over Pakistan – Dailytimes