Those desiring unconstitutional removal of govt to be disappointed: Gilani

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said on Sunday that those, who wanted end of the government through unconstitutional means, would be disappointed.Talking to senior editors and anchorpersons of television channels here, the Prime Minister said, “my message is loud and clear that those, who want removal of the government through unconstitutional means, should learn from history.”He urged PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and other democratic forces to discourage those, who were conspiring against democracy.
He categorically said that the government was not going and it would stay to protect the institutions.
Those, who are giving deadlines about departure of government, should give a final deadline and then let the government complete its tenure, he added.
The Prime Minister said only parliament can rewrite the constitution.
About the summary sent by the Law Ministry on reopening of Swiss cases, he said the Supreme Court has to look into many issues including article 248 before moving forward.
Gilani said the President is the supreme commander of the armed forces and part of parliament and Swiss cases were past and a closed transaction.
He said,” it would be against the national honour and Pakistan’s sovereignty to hand over your President to Swiss courts”.
It was like the case of Aafia Siddiqui who was daughter and honour of the nation, so there should not be double standards, he said while drawing a comparison of the two cases.
“Already a judicial murder had taken place and now restrictions could not be imposed on ideology and mission of the Pakistan People’s Party,” he remarked.
They have great regard for the judiciary, he said adding he would appreciate change in government in a constitutional manner.
He said he would not take any unconstitutional step and as an experienced person who had long experience in national politics he understood his responsibilities.
Prime Minister Gilani said there was no dispute with the judiciary and they
could not even think about passing unworthy remarks about it.
He expressed his resolve to protect democracy saying high offices were not his weakness and they did not come into power through backdoor.
Gilani said the Pakistan People’s Party and other political parties alongwith the media and civil society suffered for democracy.
“It is upto political parties to show maturity. Those who will not side with the democratic forces will become history,” he said.
Talking about undemocratic elements, he said, “In the game of chess, when the game is over, the kings and pawns are put in the same box.”
He said he had taken Senate, National Assembly and cabinet into confidence about the prevailing situation in the country.
Gilani said he would appear before the Supreme Court if called to do so.
When asked to comment on issues of common man like price-hike , the Prime Minister explained that better governance was shared responsibility of federal and provincial governments, judiciary and bureaucracy.
If people would consider that the government was not good at governing they would reject it, he added.
“Prime Minister is even asked to resign when somebody is killed or robbed,” he said adding role of price committees should be made effective.
The Prime Minister told that he would get list of those who were the NRO beneficiaries and holding public offices.
“These people have to resign from their positions,” he added.
To a question about prospects of unification of Pakistan Muslim League,” he said factions of PML were getting closer to stop Pervez Musharraf from returning to country.
The Prime Minister said before the passage of the 18th Amendment, the focus of critics was on the President and he was the darling of everybody ,ut now they were hitting him hard to remove him and reach the target.
The Prime Minister said Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif phoned him today and asked him about the speculation about change in government.
“People are talking about change but nobody knows how to do it.”
Responding to a question about provision of constitution in which Supreme Court can seek assistance of army, he said army functions under the federal government.
In the past, the Supreme Court’s request for assistance was sent to Secretary Defence for action and nothing happened.
The Prime Minister said during his recent speech in Lahore he for the first time talked about the dangers being posed to the democratic system.
“Now the cat is out of the bag and things are becoming clear.”
He said PPP led by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto first founded the constitution and then revived it.
“I apply my mind before taking decisions on constitutional matters,” he said adding Supreme Court has still to take decision on the review petition of the government on NRO case.
To a question, he said the matter about handing over Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan to another country came up during the previous government not during their time.
To a question about allegations of corruption in government, the Prime Minister said forums like courts and Public Accounts Committee were available to seek redressal.
PPP Secretary General Jehangir Badr went from court to court for years and now he has been acquitted of charges, Gilani said adding he himself faced cases in courts.
In a lighter vein, he said if media allowed him to breath, he would be in a position to concentrate on issues like reducing the size of cabinet.
Reduction in cabinet size was made mandatory and part of new constitutional provisions approved by the parliament, he added.
The Prime Minister said as Speaker of the  National Assembly he used to hold debates with India’s Lok Sabha Speaker Shiv Raj Patel about running of coalition governments and hung parliaments.
“Two thirds majorities in parliament are not possible with so many parties, groupings and provinces. In future, people have to learn to live with coalition governments,” he added.
He said that when the local governments were functioning, Abdul Qayyum Jatoi was the only District Nazim who had no office and had to hold official meetings at his home.
Gilani said holding of local bodies elections was problematic due to floods which had affected all the four provinces. -app