Almost all demands of HEC fulfilled; Aseff Ahmed Ali

ISLAMABAD, Sep 22 (APP): Federal Minister for Education Sardar Aseff Ahmed Ali on Thursday said that almost all demands of Higher Education Commission (HEC) have been fulfilled, adding it is inappropriate to bring university students on roads.Addressing a press conference along with Information Minster Qamar Zaman Kaira after the Cabinet meeting here, he said despite financial crunch in the country, current expenditure budget of education sector has been increased by 8 percent.
He said that funds would be released timely for development projects which were 90 per cent completed, so it would not affect many development projects of education.
“For Vice Chancellors it is not appropriate to bring students on roads for their demand of increase in salary”.
Aseff Ahmed Ali said a committee chaired by Finance Minister and comprising three vice chancellors and chairman HEC has already been constituted to look into the issue.
He said that each department has to tighten its belt due to financial crunch after flood devastation in the country – APP