Federal govt to retain staff of devolved ministries

ISLAMABAD, Dec 29: The government has decided to adjust 3,769 employees of the five ministries being devolved to provinces in federal departments.

According to Cabinet Division Secretary Chaudhry Abdul Rauf, “no employee of the five ministries will be sent to the surplus pool”.

The ministries of local government and rural development, population welfare, Zakat and Ushr, youth affairs and special initiatives are being transferred to the provinces.

The federal government has forwarded the lists of employees and the finance ministry will take care of the budgetary details.

“The process of handing over of the ministries will be completed in June and the employees will continue to get salaries under the current arrangement till then,” the official said.

They will be adjusted in other departments after June.

Under the plan, the employees will be placed in different federal departments because the provinces have refused to accommodate them without additional funds.

The future of federal ministers, parliamentary secretaries and standing committees of the National Assembly and Senate dealing with the devolved departments now hangs in the balance.

The federal cabinet approved on Dec 2.

Their development projects will also be transferred and allocations for them will be revised in the next financial year.

The buildings, furniture, fixtures, equipment and transport of the ministries are also being handed over to the provinces.

Five more ministries will be devolved in the second phase – Dawn