Ban clamped on use of gas heaters in Provincial public offices

PESHAWAR: In order to reign in undue expenses and overspending, a ban has been imposed on use of gas heaters in the Provincial public offices. In a directive issued BY establishment and S&GD department, all the heads of various public departments have been directed to decrease any excessive use of gas related equipment, in order to lessen the burden on Provincial exchequer. It has also been noted that many disputes with QESCO (Quetta Electric Supply Corporation) regarding billings for electricity use were pending, while many gas and electric connections have also been severed by relevant departments.

In directives issued to IG Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, it has also been noted with disgust that various thanas were using illegal electricity connections for use of their heaters, despite earlier warnings to refrain from the shameful practice. – Onlinenews