PBC elections on 22nd

Important elections for the new general body of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) are being held on December 22 at the provincial bar councils in the country.
The supreme and statutory body of the senior lawyers of the country, PBC, is going to have its next general body for a term of five years. Already enjoying a big say in the enrolment of the lawyers in Supreme Court practice, and acting as watchdog over the advocates’ disciplinary matters at the top hierarchy of the legal fraternity, Pakistan Bar Council has now attained immense value for representation in the Judicial Commission for the appointment, elevation and confirmation of the judges of the superior judiciary.
The added responsibilities coupled with the input given from time to time to the government on legal and constitutional matters, has placed the PBC at a higher pedestal. Besides, struggling for human rights and welfare of the legal fraternity, the next PBC body, will also need to play a judicial and political role in future whereof all these segments have become active to run their horses in the field to find smooth sailing in any situation.
Various quarters confide that this time candidates are over enthusiastic to carry the palm wooing the voters through lavish foods, gifts, and even demanded money and meeting their other material needs.
In the background judiciary-government relations, which over the past months have undergone many high and low, the candidates are pinning high stakes on the PBC elections wherein, political interference and spending of huge money under political considerations, has also been observed by some senior lawyers. Not that but personal friendship and group support is also working to lift the candidates to the victory. Senior lawyers say the invisible elements are also at work to steer the candidates of the choice to victory stand.
Provincial Bar Councils, each consisting 75 members, are the electoral college of the PBC candidates. The toppers in balloting are picked up as elected members of the body. Through a modified rule introduced by the martial law of General Ziaul Haq, every provincial bar council votes for the candidates of the same province. – The Nation