Peshawar awarded the status of Yaum-e-Istaqlal

PESHAWAR: The City of Peshawar has been awarded the status of Yaum-e-Istaqlal for suffering and withstanding some of the most severe blows during its war against terrorism.A special flag would be awarded to the City, on 23rd March, while Swat would be awarded the status of most tolerant of cities, against the ravages of war against terrorism.The federal government had asked the Provincial government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa (KPK) to provide recommendations for cities deserving these titles and flags ‘ upon which the Provincial government had formed a committee for the purpose: which had recommended the names of 10 districts including Peshawar, Swat, Kohat to federal government, for the purpose.It is pertinent to mention that out of 24 districts , victimized by war against terrorism , fourteen districts including Peshawar have suffered badly – Onlinenews