Anti corruption unit to scrutinize 6 town officers

KARACHI: Anti corruption unit has started investigating the assets of 6 town officers in the city government of Karachi. Officers are seeking political assistance to hide from the cases by considering transfers.As per sources anti corruption department in the preliminary stage started investigating 6 town officers of Jamshed town, Landi town, Liyari town, Malir town, Gadap town and Bin Qasim town in order to find out the legality of their assets during the past 4 years.Anti corruption sources have disclosed that officers of Malir town, Bin Qasim town and Gadap town have been involved in the illegal transaction of land and made millions of rupees, whereas embezzlement in the development schemes, purchase of farm houses and petrol pumps on government expanse.The sources revealed that some of these officers have bought houses in defence, flats in Clifton and luxurious cars. Officers of Liyari town, Landi town and Jamshed town are being investigated for development programmes fraud as well as allotting contracts to nears and dears.Sources have said that pressure is being put on the investigating officers of the anti corruption department – Onlinenews