‘Missing Governor’ creates furore in PA

LAHORE:Members Punjab Assembly raised questions about the whereabouts of the Governor, constitutional standing of the Assembly’s proceedings while Speaker Rana Iqbal was conducting the House when he should be the Acting Governor, and why Salman Taseer did not inform the government prior to leaving the country.Interestingly, even the PPP ministers and members did not have any clue about the Governor, which allowed the ‘N’ and ‘Q’ Leagues MPAs to dilate upon the subject without any hindrance from any quarter.The reports of Governor’s secret foreign visit without giving acting charge to Rana Iqbal triggered heated debate in the House, forcing the chair to adjourn the session for 15 minutes to know actual situation and avoid any constitution in the province.When the session started after an hour and 50 minutes delay, MMA’s emotional Ali Haider Noor Niazi, on a Point of Order, drew the attention of the chair towards reports of Salman Taseer’s leaving the country without fulfilling the constitutional requirements of giving charge to the acting governor. He stressed the speaker could not chair the session as he was acting governor after Salman Taseer left the country unceremoniously.Law Minister Rana Sanaullah counselled the speaker to confirm whether or not the governor was in the country as in his absence, he (speaker) was officiating governor and even did not require oath to assume the office. The Speaker adjourned the session for 15 minutes and after the short break Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed conducted the proceedings of the House that focused on the Governor’s visit and looming constitutional crisis.Before the short adjournment, Ali Haider Niazi said the Governor had proceeded on a secret foreign tour without obtaining ex-Pakistan leave.“You cannot chair the session as you are acting governor. You should avoid violation of the constitution and ask Deputy Speaker to chair the session”, he suggested – Nation