Charity dinner raises 250,000 pounds for Pak flood victims

LONDON:A charity dinner organised in Manchester by the UK branch of Imran Khan Flood Relief raised 250,000 pounds for Pakistan flood victims.Speaking on the occasion, Chairman, Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan updated the guests on the devastation caused by the summer floods and the need for immediate relief and rehabilitation as people have lost everything.He said his foundation has taken responsibility to reconstruct 100 villages and as they get more donations additional villages will be rebuild. IKFR, he added has taken the responsibility of providing seeds to some 200,000 families.

Furthermore, Khan said these villages will be constructed in a better way than before. This, he said will be done in partnership with various experts and NGOs.He explained that  90% of Pakistan does not have a sewage system and these villages, for the first time will have sewage system which means that they will prevent a lot of diseases in the country.He stressed the need for paying taxes by all and sundry , saying if the tax base is broadened, there will be less need to depend on foreign aid and assistance.Khan paid tributes to Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Chairperson, Conservative Party, and said she will play an important role in British politics and will make a huge difference for the Pakistani Diaspora.The Baroness called for strict measures to end corruption in Pakistan and called on all stake holders to play their due role in this regard.  Member, European Parliament Sajjad Karim and Lord Mayor of Manchester Mark Hackett were also presented on the occasion.  Ms.Rabia Zia, PTI UK co-ordinator, presented the welcome address – App