Rs 2.8b to be saved after cut in expenses: Kaira

LAHORE – Provincial Minister for Finance Planning and Development Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has said that Punjab government has accelerated the pace of various development projects and strict directions have been issued to all departments to complete projects timely so that public could get benefit of public welfare oriented schemes.

While talking to a delegation of MPAs at his office here on Monday, the minister said that monitoring was also being carried out for ensuring standard and quality of work. He said that 90 percent development budget will be utilised by the government at the end of current fiscal year. He said that a special committee had been constituted under his chairmanship which saved billions of rupees by reducing non-development expenditures and first time in the history of Punjab, we have saved Rs 2.80 billion by curtailing our non-development operational budget.

He said that lots of resources were being utilised in the war against terrorism however overdraft of Punjab government is within the prescribed limit of State Bank. He said that Punjab government is financially stable and efforts are being made by the government for completion of targets of the budged. He said that timely utilization of funds is also being ensured.

Ashraf Kaira has said that the reports of Wiki Leaks are baseless and most reports are without any reference. While talking to a delegation of MPA’s at his office, the minister said that facts have been distorted in WikiLeaks reports and apparently, the main objective of these Leaks seems to be malign politicians and create misunderstanding among various countries. He said that most of leaks reports are un-authentic and contrary to facts and have no reference to the content. The Minister said that it seem to be conspiracy against politicians without any concrete evidence – Dailymailnews