International Preaching Session completes at Raewind

RAEYWIND: The first phase of International Preaching Session (Aalmi Tablighi Ijtimah) has been completed with the addresses of Ameer-e-Jamat, Haji Abdul Wahab and Maulana Zubair-ul-Hasan here on Sunday in Raeywind.Addressing the process, Haji Abdul Wahab said that the success is linked with the adaptation of preaching of Islam and about the right and wrong, adding that the Muslim Ummah is pressed by miseries from all sides due to vulgarity and missing of ethics from societies.

He further said that the Muslims are keeping away themselves from the Islam and that is the reason the Muslims are going down in the globe. During the concluding pray he asked blessing and forgiveness from Almighty Allah and successfulness of Pakistan.

More than one million people attended the session while many of religious scholars address the gatherings – Onlinenews