6 districts declared sensitive during Muharram

KARACHI: Intelligence sources have expressed strong indications of possible acts of terrorism on the occasion of Muharram, in 6 districts of Sindh, Including Karachi.

The districts include, Karachi City, Mirpur Khas, Larkana, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Nawabshah; while areas of Maleer, Jaffar Tayar society, Ancholi have been listed as most volatile to any untoward incidents.

Besides strict vigilance of such areas of Hyderabad as Haider Chowk and Qadam Moula, Station Road Rohri and Ghanta Ghar of Larkana, Lal building, Heerabad and Station Chowk of Mirpur Khas, besides Imambargahs has also been decided.

Alerting police to presence of suicide bombers, police stations have been given strict orders to ensure vigilance of highly suspected elements belonging from banned outfits freed on bails, and listed in fourth schedule list as prepared and provided by interior sources; advising police stations to ensure their daily presence in their relevant thanas, even if they were to depart out-station.

Sources informed that strict vigilance of these elements listed in fourth schedule list were missing for quite some time, and police has been instructed to provide this list to high level police officials.

Sources have also informed that in the aftermath of attacks on GHQ, the noose around Amjad Farooqi group, which was one of the strongest networks in Karachi, was being tightened – Onlinenews