Women police stations ought to be activated in Karachi

KARACHI: There is urgent need to activate women police stations in the city to help women report crimes committed against them.The fact was highlighted on Thursday during a two-day workshop organised by the War Against Rape (WAR) for Karachi city police under its rape survivors support programme (RSSP).More than 20 women cops and 15 policemen, from the rank of constables to inspectors, participated in the event, held separately for the two.Addressing the concluding ceremony that was held jointly, the participants urged the authorities to review the current arrangement under which women cops rarely had an opportunity to make direct interaction with the masses.Though many of us have more than 20 years of service in the police yet we have not been provided an opportunity to directly serve the masses, said one lady inspector.The participants were unanimous that the police in general needed to undergo capacity building sessions at regular interval to handle crimes and criminals who were getting sophisticated equipment with every passing day.

Inspector Hajra Usman said crime as heinous as rape is generally not reported as victims and their family members are reluctant to tell details to male cops.She stressed the need for raising awareness among women about the women police stations in order to instil confidence in them and help them avail themselves of the services required in the case.Constable Rozina dispelled the impression that female cops indulged in bad language or rude behaviour.Inspector Syed Haider Ali Zaidi said the police must not be isolated and must be provided an opportunity to interact with other sections of the society.“We are part of the society and have also delivered, however, very often only our misgivings are highlighted and not the achievements,” he said.Additional Inspector General-Sindh Police (Finance) Hasib Baig and Additional Inspector General-Sindh Police (Administration) Altaf Malik distributed certificates among participants of the workshop.

Additional Inspector General Hasib Baig said the workshop on an extremely sensitive issue depicted changes taking place in the society.He said induction of a series of new laws, especially those granting empowerment of women and guaranteeing their protection against women specific crimes demanded mutual confidence between masses and police.“We over the years have registered induction of educated and refined individuals in the police force and hope that things would improve,” said AIG Baig.Additional Inspector General of Police Altaf Malik reiterated the need to develop public confidence, particularly of women, so that criminals may not go scot-free.He said victims of rape and their family members need to be encouraged to register their complaints within 24 hours as delay in the matter benefits the perpetrators of the crime.He said efforts are being made to sensitise cops about such crimes and public sensitivities as well as capacities to restore public confidence and proper handling of cases.Trainer of the programme Kamyla Marvi said the workshop has been conducted for the purpose of improving the system so that women may seek help of police without any inhibition.“Community and police relationship needed to be improved,” she said.Muhammad Ali, representing WAR thanked the Capital Police authorities and participants of the workshop – Dailytimes