U.S military aircraft transport more than 40,000 flood victims In Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: U.S. military aircraft supporting Pakistan’s flood relief efforts achieved a significant milestone Tuesday, by providing humanitarian airlift for more than 40,000 flood victims since August 5, when U.S. military relief flight operations in Pakistan began.“This new milestone represents tremendous teamwork between Pakistan and U.S. flood relief workers. Thanks to the amazing partnership and support we’ve experienced from the Pakistan military and organizations like USAID and the World Food Program, we’ve been able to alleviate flood-related hardships for many people in isolated, flood-torn communities of northern and southern Pakistan,” said Brig. Gen Michael Nagata, Deputy U.S. Defense Representative to Pakistan.There are currently 18 U.S. military helicopters and approximately 350 service members conducting airlift missions.The Government of Pakistan has set November 30 as the final date for the U.S. military’s humanitarian airlift mission, as the focus shifts to sustainable recovery efforts led by civilian agencies.“While our presence is changing, U.S. support continues and will remain strong,” said General Nagata. In addition to humanitarian airlift, the U.S. Government is providing more than $571 million to assist Pakistan with relief and recovery efforts for flood victims – App