KESC to get 1,100MW additional power in 3 years

KARACHI: The Managing Director KESC, Tabish Gohar has assured the Karachiites to end load shedding very soon after installation and execution of more power generating units into KESC’s system.KESC chief said that a total of 1,100 megawatts (MW) power supply is expected to be inducted in KESC’s system. He informed that a unit of 560 MW is under completion at Bin Qasim Thermal Plant, which would be generating 350 MW power by the next year.He said that KESC needs 276 mmcf gas to generate cheaper power but despite government’s assurance it was receiving only 180 to 190 mmcf gas. He said that KESC has no dispute with SSGC, however if the SSGC would supply greater quota of gas the consumers would be supplied cheaper electricity. He said that KESC is being criticised due to exempting industrial areas from load shedding but it is a fact that KESC is purchasing fuel to generate power by receiving on time bills paid by the industries.

The Patron In-Chief, KATI, S M Muneer has expressed dismay over the planned imposition of RGST. He aid that all the business community — even small traders — have unanimously rejected RGST and nobody will accept RGST in this shape.He also condemned the decision to withdraw zero-rated status of five exports sectors as it would result into massive corruption and exporters would be facing acute financial crunch due to blockage of their capital. He also rejected the increase of half percent bank rate — which — after this increase, has risen to 14 per cent, which is highest in the world.Muneer said the government has not paid an amount of Rs 80 billion refund to the exporters for the last two and a half years “and how it would pay RGST claims in hundreds of rupees after removal of zero-rated status of exports,” he asked.

Chairman KATI, Syed Johar Ali Qandhari expressed concerns over the ever-increasing prices of electricity saying that in less than two years, power tariff has gone up by 100 percent while gas prices have been raised by 78 percent and it is feared that this trend would continue in future and the industry is not able to sustain any more in these circumstances. He said the country is not in a position to afford thermal power generation and the time has come to implement long-term contingency plans to overcome power crisis and instead of rental power plants or IPPs, “we should go for hydel-power, wind and coal power generation immediately,” he said.While acknowledging that the KESC has exempted industrial sector from load shedding, he said the industry too had to face this menace when the KESC was receiving less supply of gas from SSGC and many industries had to suffer losses. He appreciated the KESC for starting work on three more grid stations in the city.He said that frequent increase in bank interest rates by the SBP is a cruel act and many industries would be forced to default as their profitability has already evaporated – Dailytimes