Shahbaz writes letter to PM for export of 1mMetric ton wheat

ISLAMABAD: Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has written a letter to the Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani asking permission for exporting 1 million Metric ton of wheat.In his letter to the PM Chief Minister said if the restriction on the export of wheat is not lifted it would have adverse effect on the economy.Punjab government sources confirming the letter of CM said that a letter was written to the PM by chief minister Shahbaz on the 26 of November in which permission was requested to export 1 million Metric ton of wheat, it was said in the letter that by the end of the season Punjab will have 6.6m Metric ton of wheat, whereas local requirement is 2.2m Metric ton which leaves us with a surplus of 4.4m Metric ton and in order to store it Punjab government will have to sustain additional charges.With the sale of 1 million Metric ton wheat RS 55 billion can be generated so the restriction on the sale of wheat should be lifted immediately.It is reminded that previously the Punjab government has already requested the PM to lift the ban on the sale of wheat but no decision has been made so far yet by the federal govt – Onlinenews