Pakistan terms WikiLeaks reports on Pak-Saudi relations ‘extremely negative, misleading’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Monday said it considered the “extremely negative reports” carried on Pakistan-Saudi relations attributed to WikiLeaks as “misleading and contrary to facts”. “It is quite evident that these mischievous reports reveal the utter inadequacy of the author to grasp the essence of the Pakistan-Saudi relationship,” Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit responded to the WikiLeaks documents that revealed on Sunday.The spokesman said Pakistan enjoys a very special and unique relationship with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, adding that Pakistani leadership, government and the people held the leadership and the people of Saudi Arabia not only in very high esteem but as true friends and brothers.

He mentioned that Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, the Royal family and the people of Saudi Arabia always stood by Pakistan.Basit said the national and international press carried excerpts from documents brought to public light by WikiLeaks, and said these documents reportedly pertained to official communications within the US government system.He said the U.S had alerted Pakistan to the unauthorized leaks.“Since these leaks are in the public domain, we would obviously look at these closely with a view to ensuring that Pakistan’s national interest are not compromised in any manner.  However, we are not in the position to comment on the veracity of U.S internal documents.”The spokesman said Pakistan was an advanced nuclear technology state and no one could touch Pakistan’s nuclear facilities and assets.He said the reports concerning Pakistan’s experimental nuclear reactor acknowledged that Pakistan did not allow any transfer of the fuel from the experimental reactor.He said this experimental reactor was installed in the mid-60s with the support of the United States (U.S) which also initially provided the fuel for this facility. The U.S suggestion to have the fuel transferred was plainly refused by Pakistan.He said the suggestion that the reactor was producing highly enriched uranium was completely incorrect – App