Lesco teams avoid raiding posh areas

LAHORE:Despite the anti-theft campaigns, power pilferage is going on unabated in the limits of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO), The Nation has learnt.Sources said that electricity theft was at peak especially in posh areas, causing loss of millions of rupees to the Company. The LESCO noted about 4,000 power theft cases among domestic, commercial, industrial consumers and got lodged 1,191 FIRs against the culprits during the last three months.According to the details, these raids were conducted by the Surveillance and Investigation Cell (S&I) of the LESCO in northern, southern, eastern, central, Okara, Sheikhupura and Kasur circles. The teams checked as many as 27,395 meters over complaints of electricity stealing. Of these, 5,941 meters were found defective, dead and unbilled.The teams, during the months of September, October and November, caught 1231, 1560 and 1100 power pilferers respectively. Of these pilferage cases, some 1119 had been reported in police stations concerned.

A company official seeking anonymity said that FIRs had been lodged against those pilferers only who had been caught red-handed.The insiders, however, maintained power stealing was being done with connivance of the Company’s employees. They alleged certain LESCO employees had been taking bribe to settle down theft cases. It has also been observed the LESCO teams are reluctant to raid posh areas where electricity stealing is more pronounced. Though power experts, LESCO and PEPCO officials at times have admitted power pilferage is more common in posh areas, but, the Company’s anti-power theft teams have always avoided raiding these ‘noble’ localities. Major raids were carried out during October in under-developed areas included Wahga, Jallo Pind, Afshan Town, Attoki Awan, Main GT Road and other areas – Nation