US urges NAB to oversee Kerry-Lugar funds

ISLAMABAD:The United States on Thursday under Kerry Lugar Bill has sought help from National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for proper utilisation of funds provided to Pakistan through NGOs.According to Spokesman NAB, a delegation of US Aid officials comprising Daniel P Altman and Charles D Zimmerman met the Chairman NAB justice retired Syed Deedar Hussain Shah at NAB HQ on Thursday to discuss the modalities for ensuring the proper utilization of funds provided to Pakistan by the United States through NGOs under the Kerry Lugar Bill.The US Aid officials informed the Chairman that they had received a significant number of complaints about the misuse and misappropriation of funds by the management of NGOs.

Chairman NAB assured the US team about NAB’s complete support in ensuring transparent use of funds given by the US Government to Pakistan through the Non Governmental Sector.It may be mentioned that US Government had filed complaints with NAB against certain NGOs also involving US Nationals which were alleged for improper and dishonest use of such funds.The Chairman NAB underscored the need to check acts of corruption and strict action against those who cheat the public for personal gains.Spokesman added that a meeting between Chairman NAB and Inspector General US Aid will take place in December this year to further strengthen the cooperation between NAB and US Aid. NAB has decided to take prompt action on complaints received against NGOs dealing with US funds – Dailymailnews