PML-N releases 30-month performance report of govt

LAHORE:Deeming Shahbaz Sharif’s leadership as a blessing for the Punjab, PML-N’s Central Media Cell has released a performance of its party’s 30-month rule in the province, and it has claimed that it is a success story on all fronts.The report claims that such administrative measures have been adopted by the Punjab govt that there would be a visible change in the lives of the people, and there is an effort that everything, including justice, is made available at the masses’ doorstep.It says that the Punjab govt has never lost an opportunity for having better relations with other federating units, and by acting as ‘Elder Brother’ it has provided free medicine, 30,000 tons of wheat to the homeless people of Malalkand and construction of cardiology hospital at Quetta, besides substantially helping brothers of other provinces in their crises.

Moreover, transparency in the utilisation of funds, elimination of corruption, betterment of the law and order situation, promotion of investment and such other steps have strengthened democracy in the country.The Punjab government has introduced welfare projects like Food Support Programme, Sasti Roti Scheme, Ramazan Package and Green Tractor Scheme. By acting upon the Supreme Court orders, an effort was made at ensuring supply of sugar at official rate. Moreover, during the Ramazan, the govt spent Rs 8 billion on the provision of flour, and for 20,000 persons, made free of cost Sehr and Iftar arrangements. “There is no example in the history when it comes to public friendly steps taken by Shahbaz Sharif,” maintains the report.For securing investment in the province, Shahbaz Sharif has established Punjab Board of Investment and Trade, while Rs 4bn Punjab Endowment Fund is catering to the educational needs of poor students. Moreover, special economic zones have been created across province for providing all facilities to the foreign investors – Nation