Mengal Informs EU About Balochistan Imbroglio

QUETTA: Former Balochistan Chief Minister and the President of Balochistan National Party (BNP), Sardar Akhtar Mengal called on the representative of European Union Chief at Brussels on Sunday and appraised him about the military operation in Balochistan, issues of missing persons, ethnic cleansing, eliminating Baloch political leaders and activists and violation of human rights at the hand of State functionaries.

According to Secretary Information of BNP, Mengal produced the memorandum which he had sent to General Secretary of United Nation, Ban ki Moon a few days ago. In the letter, Mengal mentioned that ethnic cleansing of Baloch political opponents is being carried out by security forces and secret agencies through targeted killing. The bullet-riddled dead bodies of missing persons are being recovered and the issue of missing persons is still awaiting proper attention. During the meeting, Baloch nationalist leader informed the representative of EU about the deteriorating situation of Balochistan which he said going bade to worse.

Baloch political opponent are being brutally tortured in illegal torture cells and later their bullet-riddled bodies are thrown in desolate places of Balochistan, he said and added such incidents have become a routine matter and now can not be tolerated. He said that there were no law and constitution exist in Balochistan because Baloch workers and students are being killed and picked up at public places and the other hand all the institutions and organs of the State are endorsing the action by remaining silent.He said that it was the prime duty of BNP to highlight critical issues of Balochistan so that the International humanitarian organizations, UN, EU and world community should be aware about the brutal attitude of security forces against the Baloch people. Sardar Akhtar informed that the Balochistan National Party is the political party of the Baloch people and it will not remain silent on the excesses being committed on the Balochs – Thebalochhal