Detainee escapes from LHC bailiff’s custody

LAHORE: A detainee escaped from custody of a bailiff of Lahore High Court on Monday when the official was bringing him all alone to the court from police station Old Anarkali on foot.The detainee, Pervez alias Peja, was to be produced in the court of Justice Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi in connection with a habeas corpus petition filed by his father.According to the petitioner, Ludianwala police of Faisalabad had kept his son in illegal detention. And the court had deployed a bailiff, Aleem Khan, to recover the alleged detainee from the custody of police. The bailiff had raided the police station in Faisalabad before Eid holidays and recovered the detainee.

The detainee was handed over to Old Anarkali police in Lahore for his production before LHC on Monday. On Monday, however, when the bailiff Aleem Khan was taking the detainee on foot alone to the high court, the latter managed to flee before giving the former a good thrashing. The bailiff told this story before the court.At this Justice Naqvi ordered Old Anarkali police to register a case on the complaint of the bailiff and also directed to arrest the detaineeand produce him in court within a week.Faisalabad police was also ordered to apprehend the absconded criminal and produce him before the court. Officials at Old Anarkali police station told media persons that the bailiff was asked not to take the detainee without a police squad but did not agree – Pakistantoday