Eidul Azha celebrated across Pakistan

Eidul Azha was being celebrated across the country on Wednesday with religious fervour.

The day dawned with prayers in mosques and open grounds and was followed by sacrifices of animals in the memory of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) who sacrificed his dearest son as a token of surrendering himself to the command of Almighty Allah.

In Islamabad, the major Eid prayer congregation was held in the Faisal mosque.

Three days of official Eidul Azha holidays, from November 17 to 19, will be followed by two weekly holidays, giving people ample time to celebrate the festival with their families.

Meanwhile, strict security arrangements had been made across the country for the celebrations.

Law-enforcement agencies strengthened security at public places, mosques and Eidgahs and important buildings to thwart any untoward incident.