US to provide US 500 million under KLB for flood affected; Holbrooke

ISLAMABAD, Nov 15 (APP): The US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke Monday announced US 500 million dollars under the Kerry Lugar Berman Bill for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the flood affected areas.Addressing the plenary session of the Pakistan Development Forum, Richard Holbrooke said the allocation would form part of the annual US 1.5 billion assistance, and does not include the cost of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft used for the rescue of 30,000 stranded people and distribution of 20 million pounds of relief goods.
He said the US administration would also try to get the legislation regarding the Reconstruction Opportunity Zones (ROZs) passed from the new Congress.
He was appreciative of the remarkable resilience of the people of Pakistan and said the quickest way to rebuild homes, replace the lost livestock, rebuild schools and lives was through handing over cash assistance to them.
He strongly urged the representatives from around 30 countries and five international institutions to assist Pakistan in helping its people in the cash compensation package for the flood affected people.
Richard Holbrooke said the Obama administration was supportive of Pakistan because it was the right thing to do, however added that “it will also have to show to the American taxpayers that Pakistan’s wealthy also pay taxes. He said no country has received so much attention as Pakistan and vowed that it would continue through the next year as President Barack Obama visits Pakistan and President Zardari visits the United States – APP