FATA Secretariat Launches Artificial insemination program worth Rs. 250 million

Peshawar: A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed with the FATA Development Programme – Livelihood Development (FDP-LD) to strengthen artificial insemination services in 172 insemination centres across FATA, worth Rs. 250 million.

According to details shared by the Directorate of Information FATA here Monday, the FDP-LD artificial insemination programme will fully equip all 172 artificial insemination centres in FATA with storage facilities for both semen and liquid nitrogen to improve services to farmers. The provision of 25,800 doses of sexed semen to FATA Secretariat’s Directorate of Livestock and Dairy Development will produce some 7,700 pregnancies of improved breed livestock, to ultimately increase milk production by an estimated 21,000 metric tons per year.
Speaking at the occasion, Jamal Nasir, (acting) Additional Chief Secretary FATA, spoke about the importance of strengthening FATA’s livestock for the long term. “The artificial insemination programme will improve the immediate potential of dairy animals in FATA, as well as enhancing the level of knowledge and skills in artificial insemination techniques of the technical staff of FATA Secretariat’s Directorate of Livestock and Dairy Development”, said Jamal Nasir. “The financial and technical support of FDP-LD to the dairy and livestock sector of FATA will provide much needed help for improving the indigenous cattle breeds and the livelihoods of cattle farmers in FATA,” he said.

The programme will benefit at least 7,000 households in FATA. FDP-LD in 2009 began supporting artificial insemination services in FATA, though a training and grants programme that has so far benefitted 1,200 livestock farming households. FDP-LD trained 30 unemployed veterinarians and provided them with mobile artificial insemination clinics. These veterinarians are now providing improved services to local farmers in south FATA.

FDP-LD is working to support livelihood development with a focus on household income generation, including honey bee production and artificial insemination programmes. FDP-LD coordinates with private sector producers and businesses to create opportunities for economic growth which will dramatically improve the quality of life for FATA residents.

FDP-LD strengthens local enterprises, working to build their capacity to increase their earnings in major value chains including furniture, gems and jewellery, marble and granite, leather and horticulture. FDP-LD is providing job income opportunities for FATA youth through scholarships and apprenticeships, and is building roads, agricultural infrastructure and essential services to improve health, education and government facilities for communities in FATA – Onlinenews