Provinces refuse to accept federal employees pertaining to ministries being transferred to them

ISLAMABAD: The provinces while refusing to accept the federal government employees pertaining to the ministries being transferred to them and clear the outstanding loans against them have demanded that legislation making process be completed ahead of devolution of these ministries to them.The demand was made in the meeting of Parliamentary Commission for implementation of 18th amendment held here Tuesday under its chairman Mian Raza Rabbani.The meeting was attended by members of commission, federal secretary establishment division, secretary cabinet, chief secretaries of all the four provinces and other senior officials.
Sources told Online the participants of the meeting held consultations at length on the issue of fate of employees of the ministries which would be transferred to the provinces in the first and second phase and reviewed the progress in law making process on this count.According to Online the representatives of the provinces have regretted to accept the federal government employees while rejecting such proposal put forth by the commission. They also said that provision of funds concerning these ministries be ensured before devolution of powers. They also stated that provinces would not repay the outstanding loans against these ministries and the federation would have to pay these dues.Commission proposed to the provinces that surplus employees be sent to surplus pool. However no consensus decision was taken in the meeting in this connection.The chairman of the commission Mian Raza Rabbani has summoned the meeting of the representatives of the provinces on November, 15 to finalize these matters – Onlinenews