Iqbal’s teachings provide way out of crises: Grandson

LAHORE : The teachings of Allama Iqbal provide the way out of the crises facing the country at present, the poet-philosopher’s grandson said on Tuesday.Advocate Waleed Iqbal said while addressing a ceremony at the Alhamra Art Centre that although 60 million people were living below poverty line and millions of the youth were without jobs, there was no need to get depressed. He reminded the audience that despondency was sin, and Muslims should try to keep it away.He said in such a situation there was need for a leader who could change the situation completely. He said rulers should not forget that the word “Iqtidar”(power) also contained “dar”, which means gallows.
While speaking on the occasion, Dr Perveen Shaukat said the leaders should have the spirit to serve the masses, rising above personal interests or ego. Leaders, she said, should think about the problems facing the poor. She underlined the need for self-accountability and self-assessment to keep oneself on the straight path.Dr Perveen deplored that it was because of the visionless Muslim leaders that Masjid Al-Aqsa was still under the occupation of Jews.Professor Khalid Abbas said there was need for a selfless leadership that could turn Pakistan into a great country. He said the situation had reached a point that now it was for the nation to lead the leaders, not the other way round – Nation