Govt with the begging bowl not acceptable: Nawaz Sharif

KHAIRPUR: PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has said a government with the begging bowl is not acceptable.The incumbent government can not control the crisis in the country nor a government which has extended begging hand is acceptable. Opposition has not been taken on board by the government while striking agreement with International Monetary Fund (IMF). Therefore, the prime minister should not expect any support from opposition”, he said this while addressing a public meeting here Tuesday. Nawaz Sharif asked the government to depart from the anti people policies. “We will oppose all such policies, he announced.“We want to bring peaceful green revolution in the country. I am searching for a team which is committed to bring about this revolution. Country can not afford more oppression, tyranny and violence”, he underlined.
“In pursuit of the destination on one occasion we sit on the back of horse and on other occasion on the back of horse. Horse means democracy and donkey implies dictatorship, he added.Charter of Democracy was not struck with president Asif Ali Zardari that corruption, inflation and oppression should prevail in the country, he noted. “Had the country been allowed to move forward in consonance with democratic norms, it would have been a developed country at present and its people would have been prosperous, he held.“We don’t want politics of 1980 is repeated in the country. Government pursues war path with judges and some time it clashes with institutions. The inflation is rampant on the other hand in the country, he remarked.

We did not expect from Zardari that he would breach charter of democracy. As soon as he assumed the office of presidency I was the first man who had congratulated Zardari, he stated. But Zardari on the other hand learnt nothing despite staying in jail and in exile, he held.Poverty and price hike are on the rise, he said. As to why the timely decisions were not taken on the issue of sugar, he questioned. Electricity is not provided and the inflated electricity bills are served on the hapless masses, he deplored.One who dismembered the country was presented guard of honor, he maintained. I had proposed for formation of independent commission for provision of relief aid to flood affectees but it was not accepted, he complained. Had my proposal been accepted then transparency would have been ensured in distribution of relief assistance among the flood victims , he underscored – Onlinenews